Best welding jackets 2023

In search of the perfect welding jacket? To keep you safe and secure when welding? Well, look no more! This guide is here to help you find the best welding jacket for 2023. Easily make an informed decision with our guide. Discover the right jacket for you quickly and simply!

Best welding jackets 2023

  1. Stallion Welding Jacket (Editor’s Pick) 
  2. Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket (Best Overall) 
  3. MAGID welding jackets (Budget Friendly)
  4. Leaseek Welding Jacket
  5. LeaSeek Welding Jacket
  6. Revco Welding Jacket
  7. Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket

1) Stallion Welding Jacket

Best welding jackets

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The Stallion Welding Jacket protects against dangers with a tough cotton-leather construction. Welders have a trustworthy and durable jacket made of this high-quality fabric combination that resists flames. The Stallion Welding Jacket is strengthened to withstand the rigours of welding.

Adjustable and Safe

Welding coats must fit perfectly. Ill-fitting coats undermine safety, movement, and comfort. The Stallion Welding Jacket has a snap collar and buttons for easy adjustment, ensuring a secure and customised fit. Welders can maximise protection without losing comfort or mobility by customising their jackets.

Handy Tool Pockets

Welding jackets should have tool storage. The Stallion Welding Jacket has thoughtfully constructed pockets for welding pencils and soapstone. Welders may easily access their tools in these compartments, reducing disruptions and improving workflow.

Flame-Resistant Safety

A welding jacket protects welders from the risks of their job. The Stallion Welding Jacket’s flame-resistant features provide maximum safety. Its 9 ounce flame-resistant material protects against sparks and flames. Welders can work safely and confidently with the Stallion Welding Jacket.


Finally, Revco’s Stallion Welding Jacket offers superior safety, comfort, and durability. Its cotton-leather blend, strengthened construction, adjustable fit, and accessible pockets make it a market standout. Its flame-resistance gives welders confidence to work safely. The Stallion Welding Jacket provides the best welding protection.

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Black Stallion FN9-30C 30″ 9oz. Navy FR Cotton Welding Jacket First Hand Review

Video Source: shahid shaikh


  1. The Stallion Welding Jacket by Revco offers ample coverage with a length of 30 inches.
  2. Made from a combination of cotton and leather, the jacket offers both comfort and protection.
  3. The 9 oz flame-resistant material provides excellent protection against flames and sparks.
  4. The snap closure and welder’s collar make it easy to put on and take off the jacket.
  5. With its high-quality construction and protective features.



Product Dimensions : 6 x 1 x 1 inches; 1.19 Pounds
Item model number : FN9-30C-S
Manufacturer : Revco
specifications Cotton Leather
specifications Cotton lining

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2) Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket

Best welding jackets

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Fire prevention is the Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket’s speciality. Innovative features suppress flames and reduce injuries. Welders may operate confidently with this jacket, guarded from arc rays and fires.

Slim and Comfortable

Welders spend long hours in protective gear, therefore comfort is essential. The lightweight Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket shines in this area. This high-quality jacket protects welders without adding weight. Welders can now focus on their art for hours without feeling burdened.

Freedom for Better Performance

Welders need mobility to work efficiently. The Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket is carefully engineered to not restrict the welder’s motions. Welders can work precisely due to its intelligent design. Enjoy a limitless welding experience.

Easy-to-wear and clean

Protective apparel is convenient. The Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket easily addresses this issue. The snap fastening makes putting on and taking off the jacket easy. The robust snap closure keeps the jacket in place during welding.

This jacket also simplifies hygiene. After work, welders can wash it in the machine. The Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket can be easily cleaned, so no more worrying about dirt and grime.

Lasting Quality

Protective gear must last.Lincoln Electric – Welding Gear and Tools, the trusted maker of the Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket, understands this. This welding jacket is made with precision and high-quality materials. Buy a garment that will safeguard you now and throughout your welding career.

Perfect Fit

Welding jackets must fit. It weighs 1.55 pounds and measures 6 x 1 x 1 inches. Its lightweight design lets welders move freely. The jacket’s design also allows welders to move freely.

Weld Better with the Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket

In conclusion, the Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket offers better protection, comfort, and durability. Welding specialists need a jacket with fire prevention, lightweight construction, free movement, and easy maintenance. The welding jacket’s reliability is enhanced by Lincoln Electric – Welding Gear and Tools’ quality. Buy the Lincoln K2985-M Welding Jacket today for safety and performance.

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Lincoln Electric Premium Flame Resistant (FR) Cotton Welding Jacket First Hand Review

Video Source: reviewlovez


  1. Lightweight design ensures that the welder can move around freely while working.
  2. The jacket is made of high-quality 100% cotton and is machine washable.
  3. The snap closure is sturdy and provides a secure fit, preventing the jacket from coming undone during welding.
  4. The design of the jacket ensures that the welder’s movements are not restricted, which is crucial for the welding process.
  5. The Lincoln Electric – Welding Gear and Tools is a reputable manufacturer.



Product Dimensions : 6 x 1 x 1 inches; 1.55 Pounds
Item model number : K2985-M
Manufacturer : Lincoln Electric – Welding Gear and Tools
specifications Cotton
specifications Snap closure

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3) MAGID welding jackets

Best welding jackets

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ASTM D6413-99 applies to MAGID welding jackets. This guarantees the jackets’ fire and heat protection, giving welders piece of mind under tough conditions.

Ventilation Valve

MAGID welding jackets have a strategically placed exhale valve for improved ventilation. Cool airflow regulates the welder’s body temperature, minimising pain and weariness.

Perfect Fit, Easy Access

Snap Closure.

A snap closure device secures and customises MAGID welding jackets. This closing mechanism secures the jacket during welding and makes it easy to put on and take off, saving time.

Maximum Performance

Precision Made

MAGID jackets are carefully engineered to fulfil welders’ needs. Welders who seek excellence use MAGID welding jackets due to their high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Best Size

MAGID welding jackets suit men specifically to protect them. These 10 x 6.25 x 30-inch coats protect the torso, arms, and neck. Welders may operate comfortably and freely in the jackets.

Lightweight, manoeuvrable

MAGID welding jackets blend protection and manoeuvrability at 21.6 pounds. They protect welders without adding weight. Welders can stay productive and focused with this lightweight design.

Style and Comfort

For Men

MAGID welding jackets are made for men. MAGID tailors its coats for comfort and mobility.

Amazing Features

MAGID welding jackets are comfortable, durable, and effective due to their many characteristics. SparkGuard Flame Resistance allows jackets to withstand welding heat and sparks. Built-In Ventilation prevents heat buildup and ensures wearer comfort. The Snap Closure standard secures the jacket at all times. The Breast Pocket and Lay Down Collar enhance flair and convenience.


MAGID welding jackets are the best at protecting welders. These jackets offer the best heat, spark, and other danger protection while being comfortable and stylish. MAGID provides welding jackets that improve performance and safety. Try MAGID welding jackets for safety and comfort today.

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MAGID SparkGuard PVC-Free Flame First Hand Review

Video Source: WorkriteFR


  1. The Magid welding jacket is designed with the right dimensions and weight for optimal protection and comfort.
  2. The SparkGuard Flame Resistance specification ensures the jacket can withstand the heat and sparks generated during welding.
  3. Built-In Ventilation specification allows for air circulation to keep the wearer cool and comfortable.
  4. Snap Closure specification ensures that the jacket stays securely in place.
  5. The Breast Pocket and Lay Down Collar specification provide additional convenience and style.



Product Dimensions 10 x 6.25 x 30 inches
Item Weight 21.6 pounds
Department mens
Manufacturer MAGID
Item model number 2830XL-12

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4) Leaseek Welding Jacket

Best welding jackets

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Work safely, especially with heat and fire. The Leaseek Welding Jacket is made of flame-resistant materials that have withstood the most demanding welding conditions. You may work confidently knowing your body is safe.

Kevlar Threading: Strength and Durability Redefined

Kevlar threading strengthens the Leaseek Welding Jacket. Kevlar is strong and durable. This jacket lasts under tough welding conditions thanks to Kevlar threading. Leaseek items are top-notch.

Shipyard and Torch Work: Ideal Debris Protection

Welders are exposed to trash in shipyards and torches. Smart design accounts for this in the Leaseek Welding Jacket. It keeps the jacket clean and protected. This function lets you safely work on shipyard projects or torch work.

Welder Jacket: Comfort and Focus

Welding requires intense concentration. The Leaseek Welding Jacket prioritises comfort. It’s cool and comfy, making work easy. This jacket eliminates discomfort to help you continuously weld well.

Trust LeaSeek.

LeaSeek is a respected welding gear brand. The Leaseek Welding Jacket demonstrates their quality and customer service. This high-quality item invests in your safety and peace.

Perfect Fit and Function

Before buying a welding jacket, consider its proportions for optimal performance and protection. The Leaseek Welding Jacket comes in several sizes. Measure yourself to find the right fit for unfettered movement and enough coverage.

Leather Construction: Lasts

High-quality imported leather makes the Leaseek Welding Jacket sturdy and long-lasting. This material makes your jacket durable even in the worst welding conditions. The jacket’s button fastening secures it and makes it easy to use.

Multiple Pockets: Comfort and Function

Welding involves many tools. This is shown in the Leaseek Welding Jacket. Multiple pockets store welding gear and accessories. This multi-functional jacket lets you carry your essentials, improving workflow.

Versatility: Best for Welding Applications

The Leaseek Welding Jacket is versatile and protective. Because it’s versatile, it’s a great choice for welders with several needs. This jacket works for MIG, TIG, and stick welding.


Welding jackets improve safety and comfort. Welders have unmatched protection, durability, and functionality with the Leaseek Welding Jacket. Its flame-resistant materials, Kevlar threading, debris protection, and ergonomic design make it the best choice for professionals and beginners. Trust LeaSeek’s expertise and choose the Leaseek Welding Jacket for safety and improved welding.

Always choose quality welding gear. The Leaseek Welding Jacket improves safety and efficiency.

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Leaseek Leather Welding Jacket First Hand Review

Video Source: Ben Ng


  1. The Leaseek Welding Jacket is not discontinued by the manufacturer.
  2. The jacket comes with a package dimension of 13.98 x 13.15 x 2.4 inches, making it easy to store and transport.
  3. Weighing 3.22 pounds, the jacket is lightweight and comfortable to wear during long hours of welding work.
  4. The item model number of the jacket is LS-J1, making it easy to identify and purchase.
  5. Made from high-quality leather, the jacket is both durable and long-lasting.



Package Dimensions : 13.98 x 13.15 x 2.4 inches; 3.22 Pounds
Item model number : LS-J1
Manufacturer : LeaSeek
specifications Leather
specifications Imported

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5) LeaSeek Welding Jacket

Best welding jackets

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Leaseek Welding Jackets are versatile. Durable welders will love this jacket.

Protective Welding Jackets

Welding safety is crucial. Welders must wear jackets to avoid sparks and heat. Welders that need robust protection gear can consider the Leaseek Welding Jacket.

Comfortable Size

Dimensions matter. The Leaseek Welding Jacket impresses with 14.29 x 13.5 x 2.6 inch packaging. It’s versatile. Long-wearing 3.99-pound jacket.

Leather Guards:

High-quality leather makes the Leaseek Welding Jacket fireproof and durable. Welding is safe with its spark and heat protection. Imported coats are high-quality and durable. The jacket is ideal for welders seeking adaptability and dependability.

Finally, the greatest welding jacket is the Leaseek. This jacket’s strength, imported quality, and multi-functional design safeguard welders in many welding circumstances. The Leaseek Welding Jacket is the ultimate welding jacket.

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Black Leather Welding Jacket First Hand Review

Video Source: Ninja Welder


  1. The Leaseek Welding Jacket has a package dimension that makes it a good fit for a range of body types.
  2. It is relatively lightweight, weighing only 3.99 pounds, which makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
  3. The leather material provides excellent protection from sparks and heat.
  4. The jacket has been manufactured to meet high quality standards.
  5. The jacket is multi-functional and can be used for a variety of welding applications.



Package Dimensions : 14.29 x 13.5 x 2.6 inches; 3.99 Pounds
Item model number : LS-WJ
Manufacturer : LeaSeek
specifications Leather
specifications Imported

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6) Revco Welding Jacket

Best welding jackets

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Welding safety is paramount. Burns and other injuries are risks of working with hot metal. Thus, protective clothing is crucial. The Revco Welding Jacket protects against heat, flames, and sparks to keep you safe and comfortable.

Features and Benefits

Safer Welder’s Collar

The Revco Welding Jacket’s welder’s collar helps prevent sparks. This collar protects the neck and upper chest against burns. Wearing this jacket gives you confidence to work.

Comfortable Cuff

Adjustable cuffs make the Revco Welding Jacket comfortable and customizable. Adjusting the fit ensures the jacket stays in place while welding. Distractions from uncomfortable clothing can lower concentration and enhance productivity.

Scribe Pockets: Handy Tools

Welding requires efficiency. The Revco Welding Jacket has numerous pockets to make tools and accessories easy to reach. These pockets let you keep your essentials close, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

Modern Style

The Revco Welding Jacket is fashionable as well as functional. Its elegant design keeps welders safe and looking good. The jacket is ideal for welders who value safety and style.

Excellent Value

China-made Revco Welding Jackets are inexpensive and high-quality. Revco, a trusted welding gear maker, makes it. Welders can trust this garment to meet their safety demands without breaking the bank.

Perfect for Welders

The Revco Welding Jacket is 16 x 11 x 2 inches to accommodate welders of varied sizes. It fits most welders comfortably and securely. The jacket’s 11.22-ounce weight facilitates free mobility during welding. Welders can concentrate without being limited by their safety gear.

Material strength

Revco Welding Jacket BX9CL is comprised of durable materials. Its flame-resistant cotton body and leather sleeves provide outstanding comfort and protection. Stand-up collars protect the neck from sparks and heat. Welders can rest assured that this jacket is durable.


Welders that value safety and flair need the Revco Welding Jacket. Its welder’s collar, adjustable cuff, and scribe pockets make it a trusted welding partner. This garment is sturdy and cheap for welders. Work confidently with the Revco Welding Jacket. With this safety gear, you can weld safely and stylishly.

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Revco Modern First Hand Review

Video Source: Clay Dillard


  1. Lightweight design (11.22 ounces) makes it easy to wear and move around in.
  2. The jacket is flame-resistant, providing optimal protection against heat, flames, and sparks.
  3. Made with high-quality materials, ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting.
  4. Comes in the right dimensions (16 x 11 x 2 inches) to fit most welders comfortably.
  5. The jacket can be shipped within the U.S.



Product Dimensions : 16 x 11 x 2 inches; 11.22 Ounces
Item model number : BX9CL
Manufacturer : Revco
Country of Origin : China
Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S.

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7) Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket

Best welding jackets

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Welders like the Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket because it lasts. Comfortable and durable cotton-leather jackets. Welding or performing chores, this jacket lasts all day.

Superior Quality

Quality welding jackets matter. Quality Lincoln Electric Welding Jackets are imported. Lincoln Electric manufactures high-quality coats. This imported welding jacket is for professionals.

Built-in Storage

Welding needs efficiency. Lincoln Electric Welding Jackets have storage compartments. These pockets keep your essentials close at hand. This welding jacket improves productivity.

Better Safety

Welders must prioritise safety. Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket protects. FR body and flip-up collar protect this jacket from sparks and heat. These essentials provide a healthy work environment.

Certified Safety

Welding requires safety certifications. Lincoln Electric Welding Jackets are ASTM D6413-certified. This accreditation protects customers. This welding jacket suits beginners and specialists.

Welders’ Favourite

Only the Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket combines form and function. This Lincoln Electric jacket blocks welding sparks, spatter, and heat.Long-lasting black design. Lincoln Electric Welding Jackets are stylish and safe.

All Welders

Comfort and protection depend on welding jacket fit. Lincoln Electric Welding Jackets fit XX-Large. Its 6 x 1 x 1 inches and 2.25 pounds make it portable. Lincoln Electric Welding Jackets fit perfectly and eliminate uncomfortable jackets.

Superior Materials

Cotton-leather Lincoln Electric Welding Jackets are robust and comfortable. It’s sturdy and safe to use. Foreign materials make this jacket durable.

Flipneck Protection

Lincoln Electric Welding Jackets have neck protection flips. Protects your neck. This safety boosts confidence.

Welders need solid protection. Welders of all skill levels benefit from the Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket’s unrivalled durability, comfort, and safety.The Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket enhances welding quality and performance.

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Lincoln Electric unisex adult Traditional Split Leather Sleeved Welding Jacket First Hand Review

Video Source: Doug days


  1. The Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket is made of high-quality leather and cotton.
  2. The XX-Large size is perfect for individuals of different body sizes, providing a comfortable fit.
  3. The jacket’s neck protection flip feature offers additional coverage, ensuring your safety as you work.
  4. Weighing only 2.25 pounds, the jacket is lightweight and easy to move around in.
  5. The black traditional style of the jacket gives it a classic look that never goes out of fashion.



Manufacturer Lincoln Electric – Welding Gear and Tools
Part Number K3106-2XL
Item Weight 2.25 pounds
Product Dimensions 6 x 1 x 1 inches
Item model number K3106-2XL

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Best welding jackets2023- Complete Buying Guide

Welding jackets are a must-have for welders and fabricators. They protect from sparks, hot metals, abrasive particles, dangerous chemicals, and other hazards. Heavy-duty materials like leather and flame-resistant fabrics make them extra sturdy. Plus, they work with other protective wear like gloves, face masks, and aprons.

Their main job is to shield against heat and flames. Also, some have reflective stripes for better visibility in dark places. Comfort’s important too, so look for something that’s comfy, protective, and well-ventilated. When choosing, consider fit, material, weight, and how tough it is.

This buying guide has all the info you need to pick the perfect welding jacket:

  • Fit
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Toughness

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Importance of using welding jackets

Welding jackets are a must-have for safety. Made from tough, fire-proof materials, they shield welders from molten metal and heat. They also protect the back, neck, arms, and chest from sparks, dust, and other objects that can cause injury or skin irritation. Wearing them increases comfort and job efficiency. Underneath, breathable fabric shirts provide comfort without overheating.

  1. Overview of the best welding jackets in 2023

2023 brings us the best welding jackets! These provide durability, protection and comfort for welders. Special clothing is needed to adhere to safety standards and protect from fire and sparks. We have a list of the top rated jackets for the demanding welder who needs long-lasting protection.

Traditional leather jackets, hybrids and coveralls are all options. Each brings their own features. Advantages, disadvantages and best uses are all highlighted. Stay safe, warm and productive with the best welding jackets of 2023!

  • Traditional leather jackets
  • Hybrids
  • Coveralls

Features to consider while buying welding jackets

When you shop for welding apparel, consider all features. A good jacket should provide protection, comfort and safety. It must also protect against heat and sparks, plus be durable. Looking for these features is key.

  • Durability: The jacket must protect from hazards. Materials used should resist high temps while still being breathable and comfortable.
  • Heat resistance: Your welding jacket must be able to handle high temps. Check material ratings to make sure it can cope with welding processes.
  • Flame retention: Flame resistance is important in protective clothing. Read product labels to see the minimum level of safeguard.
  • Safety harness slots: Specialized safety vests have safety harness slots. Loops made of extra strong thread are placed for extra straps from a body harness. Allows workers more freedom without compromising safety.

Material and durability

When it comes to welding jackets, flame-resistant materials like aramins (Kevlar and Nomex), leather, cotton blends, and coated fabrics are usually used. Decide which one will work best for your application. Aramid fibers provide high heat and flame resistance, while leather is heavy-duty. Cotton blends are light-weight, and coated fabrics are water resistant.

Weight is a factor when looking for welding jackets, as they can become hot in the summer. Look for lightweight options that won’t restrict movement, plus features such as:

  • Pockets
  • Adjustable cuffs and waistbands
  • Zippers
  • Insulated liners
  • Reflective tape
  • Hoods

for comfort.

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Flame resistance

Welding sparks can be very hot and may cause burns if you’re not protected. A welders’ jacket should provide a layer to deflect the sparks. Go for FR fabrics, such as FR cotton, which is breathable and insulating. Other options are flame-resistant wool, blends of acrylic/modacrylic, spun fr rayon, Nomex® IIIA or PBI.

Think about the environment you’ll be in and the usage before buying. This will help you pick the right fabric, weight, insulation and cost:

  • Fabric
  • Weight
  • Insulation
  • Cost

Comfort and fit

Comfort and fit are vital when selecting the ideal welding jacket. If it’s not comfortable, you’ll find reasons not to wear it. It should fit loosely to allow motion and be close to your body so sparks don’t burn through or strike. Cuffs should be secure and adjustable if needed. Avoid large loops or strings of fabric at the neck- they can easily catch sparks.

Look for jackets with pockets- great for keeping tools or goggles lenses. An inner lining helps reduce heat buildup, making hot environments more comfortable.

Protection against sparks and spatter

Welding jackets provide protection from sparks and spatter on the front and back. Their material must be heat-resistant and flame-retardant. Shoulder protection and freedom of movement for precise welding activity is also key. The jacket should fit snugly but comfortably. This ensures clothing won’t fly open and expose skin if a hot spark or slag comes near.

Look for a tough fabric to handle hard use in the shop. Leather, canvas, Kevlar and heavy-duty rubber are all options. Some models even come with replaceable armor pieces for extra durability.

Best welding jackets of 2023

Welders’ safety is essential. A good welding jacket can secure them from sparks, spatter and heat. As welding jackets get more modern, it’s important to know their features to choose the best one. Here are the top 3 welding jackets for 2023:

  1. FR ASafety Shirt 2-Layer Cotton FR Jacket: This two-layer cotton jacket offers fire and heat protection and is comfortable to wear for long hours. The fabric is flame retardant. It has buttons down up front for a snug fit.
  2. Phoenix Bear Pro Professional Fireproof Welding Jacket: The Phoenix Bear Pro is made of flame retardant fabric with Kevlar lining. It has a zipper closure and adjustable cuffs.
  3. Revco GB202-X BLACK STALLION UltraSoft Welder’s Jacket: This 100% cotton lightweight welding jacket protects from spatter, sparks, heat and abrasions. It has zippered chest pockets and wide cuffs to adjust them as needed. Kevlar jeans provide strength and comfort. It’s a great choice for welders, especially those using natural gas welding equipment.


Weighing the pros and cons of each welding jacket is key to finding the right one for you. Look at fabric type, length, fastenings, ventilation, cost and filtration weight.

Remember, there isn’t a single solution that fits everyone. Research design elements and extra features to decide. This’ll save time and money in the long run!


What type of welding jacket is best in welding?

Leather welding jackets are the best option for spatter and heat resistance. The thick, durable material keeps the user safe while welding but can result in heat exhaustion if you don’t take proper precautions to stay cool.

What is the best clothing material for welding?

Because of its density, leather has long been considered the best protective material for welding. The relative thickness of leather prevents heat from penetrating the garment and also provides excellent abrasion and puncture resistance.

Which type of clothing is more preferable while welding?

Currently the fabrics used for making protective welding clothing, in basic/plasma welding companies and cutting processes, are generally weighty heavy items, either 100% cotton or FR fabrics.

When should you not wear welding?

Nylon.Because nylon is a synthetic fabric that shrinks when burned, it is not good to wear it while welding. It easily catches fire with just one spark, sticks to the skin, and makes burns worse. Nylon fibers continue to stick to the flesh even after the fire has been put out, doing further damage.

How long does a welding jacket last?

Most welding jackets are designed to last between 3-5 years with regular wear, and even less if you’re welding every work day. It’s a fact of welding life that the heat and flame-resistant features of the welding jacket are going to wear down, so expect to upgrade accordingly

What are welding jackets called?

Overalls are similar to aprons, but have attached leg coverings as well as a seat. These are typically made of denim, and are sized by waist and height. Welding sleeves only protect the welder’s arms. These provide adequate protection in low volume welding processes

What do you wear under a welding jacket?

Welders should go for clothing that is heavyweight, tightly woven or made of 100% cotton or wool to protect themselves from UV radiation, open flames, sparks, and hot metal. It is ideal to wear long-sleeved shirts that have buttoned cuffs and preferable a collar for added neck protection

What is the function of welding jacket?

Welding jackets protect workers from sparks, spatter, slag, and flame. Garments are made from leather, cotton, or composite materials that resist burning and melting. Jackets cover the arms and torso, extending to the hip.

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