Best welding gloves 2023

Browse for the ideal welding gloves? We can help! Need the perfect fit and top-notch protection? To get your job done, you need the best. Our guide will lead you to the right gloves.

Quality material and secure protection – check! Pick the best welding gloves that meet all your needs.

Best welding gloves 2023

  1. RAPICCA Welding gloves (Editor’s Pick) 
  2. Revco GM1611 Welding gloves (Best Overall) 
  3. Lincoln Electric Welding gloves (Budget Friendly)
  4. Lincoln KH641  Welding gloves
  5. Haulonda Welding gloves
  6. YESWELDER Welding gloves
  7. MOUTCLMB Welding gloves

1) RAPICCA Welding gloves

Best welding gloves

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RAPICCA welding gloves use premium materials like Kevlar and insulated cotton. This unique combination protects your hands from high heat and risks. These gloves protect against high heat and sparks, boosting welding confidence.

Superior Safety Design

RAPICCA welding gloves emphasise safety. Air-isolated aluminium foil adds heat protection to the gloves. Even under harsh welding settings, this function keeps your hands cool and protected.

The gloves also have two-layer Kevlar cushioning. Padding protects your hands from sharp items and rough surfaces. You can confidently weld using RAPICCA gloves.

Unmatched heat resistance to 932°F

RAPICCA welding gloves have excellent heat resistance. These gloves can withstand 932°F welding heat. High-temperature jobs are safe and comfortable with such heat resistance.

Reliable and Useful for All Welding

RAPICCA welding gloves are reliable and useful for professional welders and DIY enthusiasts. These welding gloves keep your hands safe.

RAPICCA gloves are trusted by welders across sectors due to their quality and intricacy. They give welding confidence and comfort.


Welding requires efficiency and safety. RAPICCA welding gloves provide superior protection and dependability for welders. Two-layer Kevlar padding, air-isolated aluminium foil, and insulated cotton and Kevlar materials provide these gloves the greatest heat and danger protection.

Best welding gloves are RAPICCA. Quality, comfort, and peace of mind for all welding projects.RAPICCA welding gloves improve your welding experience without compromising safety.

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RAPICCA Welding Gloves Heat/Fire Resistant Leather For Stick First Hand Review

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  1. Reinforced double layer Kevlar padding on fingers, palm, elbow, and back for extreme heat resistance.
  2. Four-layer heat-resistant protection with Kevlar padding leather, air-isolated aluminum foil, flame retardant cotton cloth, and insulated cotton lining.
  3. Provides superior forearm security with a 16-inch extra-long glove and 7.5-inch sleeve.
  4. Effective in extreme environments and recommended for various high-temperature applications.
  5. Made from 1.5mm thick and soft shoulder split natural cowhide leather for wear, puncture, and cut resistance.




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2) Revco GM1611 Welding gloves

Best welding gloves

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Revco GM1611 welding gloves protect welders using flame-resistant cotton. Flame-resistant welding gloves protect. Welders are safe from flames and sparks.

Drag Patch Reinforcement: Unmatched Durability and Strength

Welding gloves must withstand extreme heat, sharp objects, and rough surfaces. Drag patches reinforce Revco GM1611 gloves. These gloves can withstand welding.

Drag patch reinforcement resists strain. Fortifying high-stress and abrasion zones makes these gloves endure longer. Revco GM1611 gloves protect welders under severe situations.

Keystone Thumb Design: Superior Dexterity and Comfort

Comfort and dexterity help welders work. Revco GM1611 welding gloves shine with their ergonomic keystone thumb. This thumb design lets welders manipulate their fingers and do complex manoeuvres.

Comfortable ergonomic keystone thumb design. During extensive welding sessions, the gloves fit comfortably. Welders can focus, enhancing productivity.

Kevlar-Stitched Goatskin: Invincible

Revco GM1611 welding gloves use flame-resistant cotton and goatskin. Flexibility and strength make goatskin welding gloves attractive. Welders have accurate tactile sensitivity.

Kevlar stitching reinforce gloves. Kevlar stitching makes welding gloves durable. Revco GM1611 gloves last under severe welding environments.


Revco GM1611 welding gloves have great features. Flame-resistant cotton, drag patch reinforcement, ergonomic keystone thumb design, high-dexterity goatskin, and Kevlar stitching provide these gloves unmatched safety, durability, dexterity, and comfort. Revco GM1611 gloves help welders concentrate. Welding gloves enhance safety and comfort.

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Revco GM1611 Top Grain Leather Cowhide mig Welding Gloves First Hand Review

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  1. Mig Welding Gloves With Soft Cotton Lining (Not Bulky) And Seamless Index Finger
  2. Grain Cowhide Leather Palm, Split Cowhide Leather Back
  3. Reinforcement Patches Where You Need It Most: In The Palm, Thumb, & Index Finger
  4. Drag Patch For Side Padding, Rest Patch For 



Material Leather
Brand Revco – Black Stallion
Size Large (Pack of 1)
Color Tan
Special Feature Heat Resistant

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3) Lincoln Electric Welding gloves

Best welding gloves

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Lincoln Electric welding gloves offer exceptional comfort and durability. These gloves’ grain leather top layer is lightweight and soft, allowing long wear without losing dexterity. Since these gloves protect your hands, you may work confidently.

High-Temperature Welding Resistance

High-temperature welding requires heat resistance. Lincoln Electric welding gloves have aluminized PFR rayon lining for heat resistance. These gloves protect your hands from severe heat. With this protection, you can tackle any welding job.

Heavy-Duty Welding Reinforcement

Welding gloves must be durable. Lincoln Electric welding gloves have strong seams. These gloves are designed to last through any welding job. These gloves are ideal for professional and amateur welders.

Avoiding Dangers

Welding includes extreme heat, sparks, and flying debris. Welders need trustworthy protective gear to stay safe. Lincoln Electric welding gloves protect your hands.

Lincoln Electric Welding gloves are built for tough welding conditions.

Cooler Hands

These gloves’ aluminized PFR Rayon top hand reflects 95% of radiant heat, keeping your hands cool even in high-temperature welding.

Top-Grain Leather

Our lightweight grain and split leather gloves provide maximum dexterity, comfort, protection, and durability. These gloves make welding easy.

Heatproof Liner

PFR, flame retardant foam, and soft flame retardant cotton provide excellent heat, flame, and spark protection in the three-layer liner. Weld confidently.

Strong Seams

We stitch for durability. Kevlar thread is used to stitch all glove seams, assuring durability and seam failure.

Leather-Reinforced Fingers

These gloves have grain leather reinforcements on the thumb and finger tips, making them more durable. Welding gloves are tough.

Moist Cuff

Sweat-absorbing Twill cotton lines the cuff. This keeps hands dry and pleasant during long welding sessions.

Professionally Used

Fabricators use Lincoln Electric Welding gloves daily. Professionals across industries like them for their durability, performance, and features.

Lincoln Electric Welding gloves offer superior heat resistance, comfort, and durability. Our gloves protect and reassure welders, whether they’re professionals or DIYers.


Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves offer superior heat resistance, durability, and comfort. These premium grain and split leather gloves provide maximum dexterity and protection. Aluminized PFR Rayon keeps hands cool in high temperatures. These gloves last with leather-reinforced fingers and high-strength seams. Professionals trust Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves to function well. Weld better with Lincoln Electric.

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Lincoln Electric Heat Resistant Welding Gloves First Hand Review

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  1. 95% of Radiant Heat Reflection to Keep Your Hands Cooler
  2. Grain Leather Palm & Fingers Provide Comfort, Dexterity & Protection
  3. Great Durability – Leather Reinforced Seams and Kevlar Stitching



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4) Lincoln KH641  Welding gloves

Best welding gloves

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Lincoln KH641 Welding Gloves protect hands well. Flame-resistant gloves shield welding heat and sparks. Work confidently with protected hands.

Long-Term Comfort

Long gloves require comfort. Lincoln KH641 Welding Gloves’ cotton lining makes long workdays comfortable. Welding is now pain-free. Comfortable labour gloves.

Cuff Strengthens

Lincoln KH641 Welding Gloves with gauntlets. This prevents wrist and forearm burns and injuries. These welding gloves shield your hands, wrists, and forearms.

Heavy-Duty Design for You

Lincoln KH641 Welding Gloves are durable. Their heavy-duty build protects them from adverse situations. These gloves meet strict performance and durability standards.

Universal fit

Gloves available. Unisex Lincoln KH641 Welding Gloves. These gloves are for hobbyists and welders. These gloves accommodate a range of hand sizes, making fitting easy.


Durable and comfortable Lincoln KH641 welding gloves. These welding gloves protect against heat and sparks. Their cotton lining and gauntlet cuff make long-term use comfortable and secure. Lincoln KH641 Welding Gloves are best for performance and comfort. These gloves improve welding.

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Lincoln Electric Leather Welding Gloves KH641 First Hand Review

Video Source: Lincoln Red


  1. Heavy Duty Protection: Lincoln Electric KH641 Leather Welding Gloves provide heat and flame resistance, with a comfortable cotton lining, fully welted seams, and lock-stitch construction.
  2. Durable Design: Made of chemical-resistant material for long-lasting wear, these gloves protect hands and fingers from the high heat of welders and cutting torches.
  3. Gauntlet Cuff: Features a long 13.5″ gauntlet style design for extra protection against fire sparks and grinding, specifically designed for MIG and stick welding applications.
  4. Enhanced Flexibility: Winged thumb design allows for greater flexibility, while Kevlar stitching ensures durability. Exterior made of split cowhide grade A leather, and interior lining is cotton fleece.
  5. Unisex Style: Each pack includes one pair of two gray gloves, suitable for both men and women. One size fits most, providing universal comfort and protection.



Material Leather
Brand Lincoln Electric
Size One Size (Pack of 2)
Color Grey
Special Feature Flame Resistant

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5) Haulonda Welding gloves

Best welding gloves

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Haulonda Welding Gloves are well-made. Welders may grip their tools securely with these Grain Goatskin gloves.

Maximum Safety and Comfort

Haulonda Welding Gloves, available in X-Small, fit snugly to prevent mishaps. The sophisticated Style 1 colour (leather back) provides comfort and ergonomic support for long periods of use.

Fireproof Safety

Welding sparks and flames. Haulonda Welding Gloves safeguard welders in spark-filled conditions.

Flexible Welding

Haulonda Welding Gloves excel in welding, cutting, and grinding. These versatile gloves maximise efficiency and safety for welders.

International Quality and Safety Standards

Protective gear must meet global quality and safety standards. Haulonda Welding Gloves satisfy these regulations, giving welders confidence to work safely and securely using high-quality gloves.


Upgrading welding gear improves safety and efficiency. Grain Goatskin Haulonda Welding Gloves have excellent grip, fit, and flame resistance. Their versatility and compliance with global quality standards make them perfect for welders of all skill levels. Buy Haulonda Welding Gloves today for optimal safety and comfort.

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Welding Gloves,16inch 932°F Leather Heat/Fire Resistant Gloves First Hand Review

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  1. Full Protection: Complete coverage with extra-long 7.5-inch sleeves safeguards hands, elbow, forearm, and back from heat, flames, sparks, debris, and sharp objects.
  2. Extreme Heat Resistance: Three-layer construction, including cowhide split leather, aluminum foil, and flame retardant cotton, provides exceptional heat resistance up to 932°F (500℃). Offers advanced heat and cold resistance, breathability, and comfort.
  3. Flexible and Durable: Made from 1.5mm thick shoulder split natural cowhide leather with reinforced double leather stitching. Delivers flexibility, durability, and resistance to heat, flames, punctures, and cuts.
  4. Imported Quality: Imported gloves ensure high-quality materials and construction for reliable performance.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Hand-washable for convenient cleaning, ensuring hassle-free upkeep for future welding tasks.



Brand Haulonda
Size Large
Color Black+dark Grey
Special Feature Flexible
Unit Count 1.00 Count

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6) YESWELDER Welding gloves

Best welding gloves

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The YESWELDER welding gloves are extremely durable and heat-resistant. These gloves are tough. They protect your hands from high temperatures while you weld. These gloves let you work without worrying about heat burns or accidents.

KEVLAR Thread-reinforced

KEVLAR thread strengthens YESWELDER gloves. This strengthening keeps the gloves intact under tough welding circumstances. These gloves are durable thanks to KEVLAR.

Grilling/Welding Flexibility

Welding and grilling require hand protection. YESWELDER welding gloves are made for both. Grilling and welding produce extreme heat that can hurt. YESWELDER gloves protect your hands from burns and injury. These gloves are reliable for high-heat activities.

Comfortable Fit

Glove size is vital for protection. YESWELDER welding gloves fit everyone. Two gloves in a pack protect both hands. These gloves fit most hands at 16 x 7 x 1. Their 1.11-pound weight makes them comfortable even after extensive use.

Stylish and Functional

Red YESWELDER welding gloves are durable and eye-catching. These gloves have a pull-on fastening for easy use. These multi-layered gloves defend against intense heat. It protects your hands from severe heat.

High-Heat Tasks: Versatile

YESWELDER welding gloves are versatile. They’re perfect for grilling, welding, and more. These gloves can protect your hands in hot settings. Wear YESWELDER welding gloves for high-temperature work.


The YESWELDER welding gloves are excellent for protecting hands while welding and other high-heat jobs. These gloves provide excellent protection and long-term performance with their heat-resistant, KEVLAR-reinforced material. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and red. Work confidently in high-temperature environments with YESWELDER welding gloves.

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YESWELDER 16 Inches,932℉,Leather Forge MIG Welding Gloves First Hand Review

Video Source: Review360 Pro


  1. The gloves are made from durable leather and can withstand high temperatures.
  2. The gloves’ dimensions make them suitable for most hand sizes, and they are lightweight.
  3. The gloves’ pull-on closure design makes them easy to put on and take off.
  4. The extreme multiple-layer protection design of the gloves.



Material Cowhide Split Leather and 100% Cotton Lining
Size Large (Pack of 2)
Color Black-gray
Special Feature Long Lasting

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7) MOUTCLMB Welding gloves

Best welding gloves

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Snap closures secure the MOUTCLMB Welding Gloves. Welders can relax since this feature prevents gloves from falling off during intensive welding. The gloves’ breathable construction keeps hands cool even after extensive use. These gloves keep you cool and attentive without sweating.

Protection and Flexibility

The MOUTCLMB Welding Gloves feature thickened crucial areas to increase safety. These gloves protect against heat, sparks, and danger. Their dependability and durability ensure your safety.

These gloves are versatile and suitable for a variety of welding applications. The MOUTCLMB Welding Gloves adapt to your needs for intricate or heavy-duty projects. They provide free movement while ensuring safety and quality.

Weld Better.

MOUTCLMB Welding Gloves are essential for dedicated welders wanting to improve. MOUTCLMB improves welding gloves.

Finally, the MOUTCLMB Welding Gloves offer unmatched quality, safety, and comfort. Due to their comfort, breathability, protection, and versatility, welders favour them.Buy the MOUTCLMB Welding Gloves today to improve your welding performance and enjoyment.

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23.6 Inches 662℉ Leather Heat/Fire Resistant Welding Gloves First Hand Review

Video Source: Revisify


  1. Outer layer: reinforced Kevlar leather, double-layer thickening in important positions.
  2. The second layer: the natural cow neck two-layer leather increases the puncture resistance of the gloves.
  3. The third layer: is a composite product made of high-temperature air-proof aluminum foil and flame-retardant cotton cloth.
  4. Inner layer: 100% soft insulating cotton lining. Flame retardant suture.
  5. It has high heat and cold resistance and can withstand extreme high temperatures up to 662°F (350°C).


Color Black(23.6in)
Shape Hand
Fill Material Cotton
Number of Pieces 2

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Best welding gloves 2023- Complete Buying Guide

Welding gloves are a must-have for anyone that works with welding, cutting or brazing. They protect the hands from burns, pierced fingers and cuts while providing grip. Also, they guard against radiation exposure and sparks.

When selecting welding gloves, there are a few things to think about, such as:

  • Materials used
  • Glove design
  • Size and fit
  • Extra safety features

Also, it is essential to select compatible welding gloves designed for the kind of welding you will be doing. For instance, cotton and Kevlar-lined palms provide better heat protection but less dexterity than leather-only designs. If you handle a lot of hot metal when welding or cutting, get gloves with extra aramid fiber panels in the palm area for maximum heat protection.

Lastly, inspect the welders’ glove before each use. Any tears or worn areas must be repaired or replaced before using again.

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Definition of welding gloves

Welding gloves are created to protect welders’ hands and arms. They protect from heat, sparks, metal and UV radiation during welding. They are made of leather or material that has good fire resistance. They also have insulation; cotton, fiberglass or woolen liners. Most have shirred wrists and elasticized cuffs. They are also reinforced in areas more likely to wear; like the palm.

Different types of welding need different levels of protection. Thus, it is important to get the correct gloves for the task. There are seven common types of welding:

  • Oxy-fuel welding
  • Shielded metal arc welding
  • Gas tungsten arc welding
  • Plasma arc cutting & gouging
  • Flux-cored arc welding
  • MIG/MAG/GMAW & submerged arc welding (SAW)

Each type needs its own safety protocols and equipment. This is because risks from heat and sparks vary from job to job. So, welders should make sure they are properly protected when working.

Importance of wearing the right welding gloves

Picking the right welding gloves is super important. It’s essential to wear protective gloves when welding. The right ones can mean the difference between safety and injury.

Fitting gloves provide protection from sparks, spatter, slag, and heat. Plus, they give the welder a good grip on their tools. Quality of workmanship depends on it. Gloves that are resistant to hazards on-site let the welder move freely and optimise productivity. Also, correct thickness of gloves reduces cuts or burns due to material slippage.

The right type, size and strength of glove can make success of a project – or failure due to injury or burn risk.

Factors to Consider When Buying Welding Gloves

When buying welding gloves, there’re a few factors to consider for your safety and performance:

  1. Cut Resistance: The gloves must protect from high heat and sharp edges/slag. Leather, Kevlar or Dyneema are best for flexibility and protection.
  2. Heat Resistance: Thick leather is best for MIG and stick welding for fire resistance. Goatskin or split cowhide are best for TIG welding.
  3. Comfort: Make sure the gloves fit well. Try different sizes and try them on with a tool. Look for breathable fabrics to avoid sweat.
  4. Stitching Quality: Check seams and reinforce stitches. Kevlar/Dyneema don’t require stitching.

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Choosing the best welding gloves for your needs depends on the materials used. Different materials are used for welding gloves and selecting the right one is essential for safety and performance.

Leather, usually cowhide or deer hide, is most popular. It’s tough and durable, offering good protection against sparks, slag, and heat. Goatskin leather is thinner but still offers protection against abrasion.

Kevlar is used in top-of-the-line welding gloves. Lightweight yet strong, it provides protection against cuts and punctures. Other synthetic materials may be used as reinforcement layers or outer layers like polyester or nylon fabrics for extra dexterity. Leather usually provides padding around knuckles, helping to prevent strain injuries.


Cowhide welding gloves are the best. They’re durable and heavy-duty. They’re tear-resistant and keep hands comfy while protecting. Plus, they provide insulation against electric currents. This material has long-lasting performance. It’s worth the price. It lasts up to 10 times longer than other types of gloves. Ideal for welders who use TIG, MIG or Stick Welding.

Cowhide gloves protect hands from hot metal splatter and electric shocks.

  1. Pigskin

Pigskin welding gloves offer amazing advantages. They’re created to reduce hand strain and work well in complex conditions. They fit like a glove, providing comfort and dexterity. You can customize these gloves with special features since they are made of natural leather that can be cut, lengthened, or changed based on your needs.

Plus, these gloves are highly abrasion-resistant, shielding against cuts and abrasions. With proper care and upkeep, they can last many years, offering perfect protection for welders.

  1. Deerskin

Deerskin welding gloves are a great choice. They offer a secure fit and protection. Plus, they’re flexible. Even in cold temps, they’re comfy to wear. And they’re breathable in hot weather, too.

These gloves are pricier than some others, but their durability makes up for the cost. You can use them for detailed tasks, and the high grain leather body guards against sparks and heat. Plus, they have an adjustable self-tightening wrist strap for extra protection.

  1. Goatskin

Goatskin is a popular material for gloves. It is lightweight, soft, and waterproof. Wearing it for a long time is comfortable. Goatskin gloves offer some sensitivity. But, they are thin and may not protect from heat and sparks as well as other welding gloves. They are great for welding. Plus, they offer superior dexterity and accuracy.

Thick leather goatskin gloves with Kevlar stitching at the seams are best for heavy welding or working in cold temperatures.


Glove length matters when you’re choosing welding gloves. Longer styles will guard your wrists and arms from sparks. But, they might be too bulky for detailed welding. Shorter gloves may not cover the arm enough.

Gauntlet cuffs are popular choices. They come in many lengths. Full coat-style gloves with wing thumpers provide extra protection from sparks and debris.

Consider your welding environment and projects. Pick the right glove length for you:

  • Longer gloves guard your wrists and arms from sparks, but might be too bulky for detailed welding.
  • Shorter gloves may not cover the arm enough.
  • Gauntlet cuffs come in many lengths.
  • Full coat-style gloves with wing thumpers provide extra protection from sparks and debris.

Heat Resistance

When selecting welding gloves, heat resistance is key. Most gloves are designed for temperatures up to 500°F, but some offer protection up to 900°F or even higher. For superior protection from high temps, specialized materials like aluminized Kevlar and Porelle membranes can be used.

Additionally, extra-long cuffs with reinforced stitching provide secure coverage over the arm and wrist area.


When buying welding gloves, there are 3 important factors to consider:

  • Task: Choose gloves suitable for your welding job.
  • Dexterity: You may need maximum dexterity or thicker coverage depending on the job.
  • Costs: Take price into account as some welding gloves can be expensive.

These factors will help you find the perfect glove for your needs and budget. Protecting your hands and fingers from heat and injury is key, so the right gloves must be chosen!


What type of gloves are best for welding?

Cowhide leather gloves are the most popular for welding and provide good heat resistance and durability. Pigskin leather and aluminized gloves are also good options.

What is the best material for stick welding gloves?

Cowhide leather gloves are the best material for stick welding gloves because they provide good dexterity, protection and heat resistance.

What gloves are best for flux welding?

Welding gloves specifically designed for flux-cored welding provide the best protection. They should have a double-layer of insulation and extra protection for the thumb and forefinger.

Is there a difference in welding gloves?

Yes, different welding processes require different types of gloves for maximum protection and comfort.

What is TIG vs MIG gloves?

TIG welding gloves are typically thinner and more flexible to allow for precise dexterity, while MIG welding gloves are thicker to provide extra protection against sparks and spatter.

Are Kevlar gloves good for welding?

Kevlar gloves can provide cut resistance but are not ideal for welding as they do not provide enough heat resistance.

What not to wear when welding?

Loose clothing, synthetic materials, and synthetic gloves should not be worn while welding as they can easily catch fire. Natural fiber clothing and leather gloves are best.

What is MIG welding gloves?

MIG welding gloves are designed specifically for MIG welding, providing heat and spark resistance.

Can I use MIG gloves for stick welding?

It is not recommended to use MIG gloves for stick welding as they are not as heat resistant as stick welding gloves.

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