Best cold welding machine 2023

Wanna buy a cold welding machine in 2023? This article is what you need. We’ll provide a guide on how to make the best purchase. We’ll discuss top brands and features. Plus, we’ll give you information on advantages and disadvantages. All this info will help you make a smart decision.

Best cold welding machine 2023

  1. ANDELI TIG-250MPL Welding Machine (Editor’s Pick) 
  2. YESWELDER Welding Machine (Best Overall) 
  3. ANDELI  IGBT Welding Machine (Budget Friendly)
  4. ANDELI TIG-250PLS Welding Machine
  5. ANDELI TIG-250MPL Welding Machine 
  6. ANDELI TIG-250CLN Welding Machine

1) ANDELI TIG-250MPL Welding Machine

Best cold welding machine

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ANDELI TIG-250MPL Welding Machine’s COLD function is notable. This unique technology prevents over-welding and protects sensitive materials for precision welding. COLD lets you get perfect results without damaging your workpieces. Perfect welds replace costly mistakes.

Dual Voltage Flexibility: Easily Adjustable

Dual-voltage TIG-250MPL offers great versatility. This welding equipment easily adjusts to 110V or 220V power supplies. Its versatility makes it a good choice for both professionals and welding amateurs. TIG-250MPL convenience eliminates compatibility issues.

TIG Torch Excellence: Reach and Manoeuvrability

The ANDELI TIG-250MPL improves welding reach and manoeuvrability with a WP-17F 4m TIG torch and 3m gaspipe. You can easily reach hard-to-reach regions with this torch’s increased length. No more compromises—unleash your creativity and get smooth welds in any welding project.

Guaranteed Customer Service

ANDELI is proud of its efficient, client-focused customer support team. The TIG-250MPL gives you top-notch welding equipment and solid support. With ANDELI, you can confidently handle any welding problem.

Functional Silver-White Design

Your welding setup looks stylish with the silver-white TIG-250MPL. This attractive gadget performs well and enriches your workspace. The TIG-250MPL perfectly combines style and reliability.

ANDELI: High Quality and Durability

ANDELI’s TIG-250MPL shows their dedication to quality in the welding industry. This welding machine has unmatched reliability and lifespan for demanding welding applications. Buy the TIG-250MPL for a long-term partner.

Convenient Size: Small and Portable

The tiny ANDELI TIG-250MPL is 20.47 x 16.89 x 12.44 inches. For workshops with limited space, its reduced size makes storage easy. Its portability lets you weld anywhere. Choose a workspace-friendly welding machine.

Lightweight Design Improves Manoeuvrability

The TIG-250MPL welding equipment is very light at 30.8 pounds. This design ensures optimal manoeuvrability, letting you work comfortably in varied postures for long periods. Weld without fatigue and complete any project.

Adjustable Voltage Delivery

The TIG-250MPL welding machine may be used in 110/220V TIG settings. This equipment seamlessly adjusts to your power source, ensuring uninterrupted welding performance on-site or in your workshop. The TIG-250MPL simplifies voltage compatibility difficulties and workflow.

Finally, the ANDELI TIG-250MPL Welding Machine is a trustworthy and adaptable instrument for welding amateurs and professionals. This welding equipment revolutionises the industry with its precision-enhancing features, compact size, and lightweight design. ANDELI offers outstanding quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. Increase your welding potential with the TIG-250MPL.

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  1. Compact size with dimensions of 20.47 x 16.89 x 12.44 inches
  2. Lightweight construction, weighing only 30.8 pounds
  3. Versatile tool suitable for a variety of welding applications
  4. High-quality and robust construction
  5. Delivery package of 110 220V TIG for use in different voltage environments



Manufacturer ANDELI
Part Number TIG-250MPL
Item Weight 30.8 pounds
Package Dimensions 20.47 x 16.89 x 12.44 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Style 110V/220V

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2) YESWELDER Welding Machine

Best cold welding machine

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Check out the YESWELDER Welding Machine. This machine will improve your welding efforts and produce excellent results. This article will highlight the YESWELDER Welding Machine’s advantages over the competitors.

YESWELDER Welder Features

Versatility and Efficiency

The 225Amp DC TIG-capable YESWELDER Welder is multifunctional. This equipment can handle a variety of welding tasks for professionals and DIYers alike. Its dual 110V/220V power supply makes it easy to use for a variety of welding jobs.

Enhanced Welding

Pulse welding and coldspot function elevate the YESWELDER Welding Machine. These enhanced functions reduce distortion and discolouration, assuring high-quality welds. Weld without problems and get perfect results.

Precision and Simplicity

The YESWELDER Welding Machine makes welding easy. The digital set and initial slope features let you precisely change welding conditions to meet your needs. This machine lets you confidently and precisely weld any project.

YESWELDER Welder: Durable

Durability and quality matter when buying a welding machine. Yeswelder builds durable welding machines. Its metal design makes it a durable welding tool. This machine always performs well.

Tech specs

Maker: Yeswelder
TIG-225P model
225 amps
DC power.
Package 1 item, 36.4 pounds
Package 20 x 14.75 x 14 inches.


Finally, the YESWELDER is a top-notch welding machine. Due of its versatility, advanced capabilities, and precise control, experts and DIYers use it. Due to its high power output and solid design, the YESWELDER Welding Machine is excellent for all welding applications. This wonderful machine improves welding performance. Get the YESWELDER Welding Machine and unleash your welding potential.

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YESWELDER 225Amp DC TIG Welder First Hand Review

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  1. 225-amp amperage capacity for greater versatility in welding applications
  2. Digital set pre specifications for precise and accurate welding
  3. Sturdy metal construction for durability and longevity
  4. Package dimensions of 20 x 14.75 x 14 inches make it easy to store and transport
  5. Cold spot DC TIG pulse welder for a high-quality end product



Manufacturer YESWELDER
Part Number TIG-225P
Item Weight 36.4 pounds
Package Dimensions 20 x 14.75 x 14 inches
Style Cold Spot DC TIG Pulse Welder

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3) ANDELI  IGBT Welding Machine

Best cold welding machine

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The ANDELI IGBT Welding Machine’s COLD feature prevents over-welding and protects fragile materials, ensuring precision welding. Professionals handling delicate components benefit from this functionality.

Dual Voltage

The 110/220V ANDELI IGBT Welding Machine is flexible. This lets users use the system regardless of power supply. Convenience and flexibility replace restrictions.

WP-17F 4m TIG Torch

This welding machine has a WP-17F 4m TIG torch and 3m gaspipe for greater reach and manoeuvrability. You can work well in tight spaces.

Outstanding Service

ANDELI takes pride in its customer service. Our crew is dedicated to your welding pleasure. Our efficient and reliable support is unmatched.

Design and Style

The silver-white ANDELI IGBT Welding Machine adds elegance to your welding setup. This sleek gadget will enhance your workspace.

Perfect for Professionals and Enthusiasts

The Andeli IGBT Welding equipment is the latest from ANDELI, a leading welding equipment manufacturer. This welding equipment meets the needs of experts and DIYers with precision and cutting-edge technology.

TIG-250MPL Model Unveiling

ANDELI’s TIG-250MPL is a 110V/220V welding equipment. This functionality lets users use the system anywhere without bothering about power supplies. Abandon restrictions and embrace possibilities.

Easy Portability

Before ordering, consider its 33.1-pound weight and 20.47 x 18.94 x 10.98-inch package dimensions. The tiny Andeli IGBT Welding Machine makes it easy to transport and store your welding projects.

Flexible Welding

The Andeli IGBT Welding Machine is versatile. This machine can weld steel, copper, and aluminium using TIG, PULSE, COLD, CLEAN, Auto, and Au. This all-in-one welding system offers adaptability and great outcomes.

User Enhancements

The Andeli IGBT Welding Machine comes with 110V and 220V TIG options for consumers to choose from. For DIYers who prefer simplicity, the machine requires no batteries and is easy to set up.

Excellent Value

Andeli IGBT Welding Machines are reliable and cost-effective. It is a cheap welding machine that performs well. Budget-friendly excellence.


The ANDELI IGBT Welding Machine is versatile and elegant for welding experts and enthusiasts. This machine’s COLD function, dual voltage capability, and extended reach TIG torch are unmatched. Our excellent service and sleek design make it the perfect welding buddy. The ANDELI IGBT Welding Machine lets you create.

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ANDELI TIG Welder 200AMP IGBT Tube Intelligent Precision First Hand Review

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  1. The Andeli IGBT Welding Machine is a dual voltage welding machine.
  2. The machine is equipped with the latest technologies and can perform various welding functions.
  3. The Andeli IGBT Welding Machine is lightweight and easy to transport.
  4. The machine is easy to set up and does not require batteries.
  5. The Andeli IGBT Welding Machine is an affordable option for those who want a reliable and high-quality welding machine.



Manufacturer ANDELI
Part Number TIG-250MPL
Item Weight 33.1 pounds
Package Dimensions 20.47 x 18.94 x 10.98 inches
Style 110V/220V Dual Voltage

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4) ANDELI TIG-250PLS Welding Machine

Best cold welding machine

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The ANDELI TIG-250PLS’s COLD feature enhances precision and care. This innovative feature eliminates over-welding, lowering the risk of harming delicate materials. ANDELI has improved welder control and accuracy by smoothly incorporating this capability.

Unmatched Dual Voltage Capability

ANDELI TIG-250PLS Welding Machine excels in versatility. This 110/220V machine easily meets different power needs. This welding machine delivers top performance at home or on the job. Welders of all levels value its flawless voltage switching.

Style-filled Design

ANDELI values beauty. The silver-white TIG-250PLS elevates your welding setup. This beautiful gadget runs well and complements your workspace. ANDELI combines style and utility.

Unmatched Power and Durability

The ANDELI Tig-250PLS welding equipment is powerful. It’s built to handle tough welding tasks. This welding equipment is stable and durable despite its 48.1-pound weight and 23 x 20 x 14-inch size. It is designed for heavy-duty welding, ensuring reliability under harsh situations.

Multi-Specifications Open Endless Possibilities

Multi-specifications impress the Andeli Tig-250PLS welding equipment. Its adaptability makes it a workshop essential. This welding machine easily handles stainless steel, aluminium, and other metals. You can conquer welding with the Andeli Tig-250PLS.

Affordable Convenience

Andeli Tig-250PLS welding machines are affordable and convenient. It runs without batteries, saving money on upkeep and speeding up welding. This cost-effective method lets you efficiently deploy resources while welding uninterrupted.


The ANDELI TIG-250PLS is a champion welder. Welders seeking excellent performance and dependability choose it for its COLD function, dual voltage capability, and exquisite design. Its power, durability, and multi-specifications offer endless possibilities.

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  1. The Andeli Tig-250Pls welding machine has an amazing effect multi-specification.
  2. The machine does not require batteries, reducing the cost of ownership.
  3. Despite its weight and size, the machine is reliable and durable.
  4. The Andeli Tig-250Pls welding machine offers excellent value for its weight of 48.1 pounds.
  5. The machine’s stability and ease of use make it a great option for both beginners and professionals.



Manufacturer ANDELI
Part Number TIG-250PLS
Item Weight 48.1 pounds
Package Dimensions 23 x 20 x 14 inches
Batteries Included? No

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5) ANDELI TIG-250MPL Welding Machine

Best cold welding machine

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The ANDELI TIG-250MPL’s COLD function is outstanding. This innovation eliminates overwelding and protects fragile fabrics. The COLD feature optimises welding to give you complete control over your operation.

Dual-voltage Flexibility

The ANDELI TIG-250MPL exceeds expectations in versatility. This machine uses 110/220V power and adapts easily. The TIG-250MPL handles residential and industrial welding operations.

TIG Torch Reach and Manoeuvrability

The ANDELI TIG-250MPL’s WP-17F 4m TIG torch and 3m gaspipe provide unmatched reach and manoeuvrability during welding. Welders can work in confined places and on complex jobs with this enhanced range. Weld flawlessly in any position without restrictions.

Excellent Service and Elegant Design

ANDELI prioritises customer happiness. Their efficient customer service team is well-known. They are there to answer any questions, assuring a smooth purchasing and post-sales experience.

The ANDELI TIG-250MPL impresses with its performance and silver-white look. This stylish welding machine blends into any workshop. TIG-250MPL combines form and function.

Portable and Storeable

ANDELI TIG-250MPL is efficient and practical. This welding machine is lightweight and portable at 30.7 pounds and 20.98 x 19.21 x 12.32 inches. The equipment is easy to move and store, letting you maximise your workplace.

Superior Specifications and Confidence

The ANDELI Tig-250Mpl Welding Machine is portable and has great specs. The device’s two-year warranty provides piece of mind and reliable service. This warranty eliminates project issues.

The TIG-specific ANDELI TIG-250MPL provides precise, high-quality welds. It requires no batteries and is low-maintenance. Buy a welding machine that prioritises durability, performance, and user satisfaction.

Stability and Control for Outstanding Results

Welding requires stability and control. The ANDELI TIG-250MPL Welding Machine delivers an unmatched welding experience. Beginners can use this machine. Its user-friendly UI ensures professional-grade welding results every time. Remove irritating discrepancies and unleash your welding potential.

Modernise Your Workshop

The sleek, modern ANDELI TIG-250MPL performs well and looks great. The machine’s aesthetics improve your workshop. The TIG-250MPL makes welding more pleasurable and inspirational for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Finally, the ANDELI TIG-250MPL Welding Machine is the ideal partner for welding enthusiasts. Its innovative features, exact welds, dual voltage adaptability, and excellent customer service exceed expectations. Buy the TIG-250MPL to maximise your welding potential.

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ANDELI Multiprocess Welder,110V/220V Stick TIG Cold First Hand Review

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  1. Portable design with package dimensions of 20.98 x 19.21 x 12.32 inches and weight of 30.7 pounds
  2. Two-year warranty ensures good service
  3. TIG welding technique produces high-quality, precise welds
  4. Easy to operate, even for beginners
  5. Sleek, modern design



Manufacturer ANDELI
Part Number TIG-250MPL
Item Weight 30.7 pounds
Package Dimensions 20.98 x 19.21 x 12.32 inches
Batteries Included? No

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 6) ANDELI TIG-250CLN Welding Machine

Best cold welding machine

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The Andeli Tig-250CLN Welding Machine is a versatile workhorse. This equipment consistently performs 225Amp DC TIG welding. The Andeli Tig-250CLN Welding Machine is perfect for DIYers and professionals.

Dual-Power Supply Compatibility

The Andeli Tig-250CLN Welding Machine’s dual 110V power supply sets it unique. This functionality lets you operate in varied surroundings without tools, making welding easier and more flexible. This welding equipment can meet your power needs in the workshop or on-site.

Precision Welding

The Andeli Tig-250CLN Welding Machine has innovative features for precision welding control. Pulse welding and coldspot function decrease welding deformation and discolouration. With digital set and starting slope, you can control the welding process and easily get the required results.

Minimalistic Design

Welders must be portable. The tiny and lightweight Andeli Tig-250CLN Welding Machine shines in this regard. It weighs 47 pounds and is 24 x 16 x 11 inches. The Andeli Tig-250CLN Welding Machine is easy to travel around your workshop or job sites.

Low-cost and low-maintenance

The battery-free Andeli Tig-250CLN Welding Machine runs on AC power. It is cost-effective and low-maintenance. Focus on welding without thinking about battery changes or charging. TIG-250CLN and 220V TIG characteristics increase the machine’s adaptability and power, making it a trusted welding partner.

Conclusion: Trustworthy Welder

The Andeli Tig-250CLN Welding Machine is the perfect welding machine. Hobbyists, DIYers, and professional welders love it for its great features, compact form, and low weight. The Andeli Tig-250CLN Welding Machine gives you the power and versatility to tackle any welding project. Choose the Andeli Tig-250CLN Welding Machine today to improve your welding skills.

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ANDELI TIG Welder 220V Energy Storage Cold Welding Machine First Hand Review

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  1. Powerful welding machine with a 220V TIG delivery package
  2. Lightweight and portable design with an item weight of 47 pounds
  3. Compact dimensions make it easy to store and transport
  4. AC power source makes it an economical and low-maintenance tool
  5. Versatile and suitable for hobbyists, DIYers, and professional welders



Manufacturer ANDELI
Item Weight 47 pounds
Package Dimensions 24 x 16 x 11 inches
Item model number TIG-250CLN
Power Source AC

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Best cold welding machine 2023- Complete Buying Guide

Selecting the right cold welding machine can be intimidating – with so many models available. Cold welders have become more and more popular as they offer an efficient, cost-effective solution for numerous types of repairs and fabrications. This guide covers all the essential info about cold welders to help you find the best one for your needs.

We’ll start by looking at how cold welding works, the various welds you can do with a machine, and key factors to consider when selecting a model. Then, we’ll share some industry tips about finding the ideal cold welder for your requirements. Finally, here are our top picks for the best cold welders of 2023.

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Explanation of cold welding

Cold welding, also known as “friction welding” or “friction bonding,” is a type of solid-state joining process. It takes advantage of the high molecular integrity of similar metals at very low temperatures. It joins two similar metals by applying concentrated mechanical pressure and rapid scrubbing. This generates frictional heat to bond two surfaces together. It does not require filler materials, welding flux, or any consumable products. Thus, it is a more cost-effective solution for production compared to traditional methods like brazing and soldering.

Cold welding creates leak-proof and high strength weld joints. This is due to its unique ability to form strong metallurgical metallic bonds between the mating surfaces without melting them. It disrupts the oxide layers on either surface, allowing those surfaces to interact and bond on a sub-nanometer level beneath those layers even at room temperature.

Cold welding is increasingly used for precision manufacturing of conductive components, such as permanent magnets and connectors used in semiconductor devices.

Importance of a good cold welding machine

Cold welding tech has flourished lately. It’s vital to have a good machine. Invest in an efficient, top-notch cold welding machine. It’ll save you time and money. With a great model, the user will weld faster and with more control, while yielding better results.

When picking a cold welding machine, the key factor is power. It should be able to tackle hard materials. Cold welding machines vary – pick the one that works for you. Air pressure regulators and adjustable speeds are great for precise work. Efficiency is essential, so get models that reduce energy losses.

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Types of cold welding machines

When it comes to choosing the right cold welding machine, it is important to understand the features of the various types available. They provide different capabilities. Here are the main types of machines used today:

  • Squeegees – A pressure adjustable footplate, with two angled nozzles on either side, makes up a squeegee. The nozzles create an air suction that allows them to press against each other. Material is fed into the gap between them. Pressure can be adjusted for a precise weld.
  • Wire Welder – Wire welders feed wire from one nozzle to another, making strong interlocks between two pieces of material. This provides control over material thickness, so thin layers can be welded precisely and accurately. Hand-held and automatic designs are available.
  • Disc Welders – Disc welders are automated versions of the squashing process. They are faster and more accurate than manual production processes. Materials such as metals and alloys can be used. Precision control gives repeatable results.

Resistance Spot Welding

Resistance spot welding (RSW) is a popular cold welding technique. Two metal pieces are placed together and joined by heat and pressure from an electric current that passes through electrodes on them. It’s popular in car, HVAC, aerospace, electrical and other industries. It can be done manually or as part of an automated system.

Many materials can be welded, such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys and copper alloys. RSW is fast, repeatable and requires no filler material. The strength of the weld depends on the alloy and parameters like electrode force and welding current duration. Thicknesses from 0.20 mm to 20 mm can be welded, but there are some limitations. Optimal results need precise parallelism.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is a form of cold welding. It uses vibrations of high-frequency to create heat. This heat melts and fuses two materials together. Different shafts and sonotrodes can join even the most difficult metals.

This process consists of kinetic and thermal energy for a short time until the weld is finished. No extra inputs such as filler or adhesive are needed. It’s environmentally friendly due to its moderate power use. Primarily it is used for plastics and foils. However, some metals up to 0.1mm thick can be used. But it depends on their composition and shape.

This technology can quickly produce reliable joints for a variety of components. It offers high efficiency for production output.

Friction Stir Welding

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is now a very popular method for welding. It uses a rotating tool which applies pressure onto the pieces being welded. The friction and heat cause plastic deformation of the pieces, allowing for a strong bond. FSW is less likely to crack than traditional welding processes. It can be used to weld aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and even plastics.

Advantages of FSW compared to TIG welding include:

  • stronger joints
  • faster production times
  • better quality control
  • less distortion in components
  • higher energy efficiency
  • lower consumable costs

Additionally, FSW can handle thicker sheets than TIG welding did in lab scale applications.

Factors to consider when buying a cold welding machine

When buying a cold welding machine, there are many things to consider: power source, material compatibility, cooling system, and type of operation.

  • Power source: Many cold welders use AC power, while others are powered by DC power such as car battery or rechargeable batteries. Some need an external AC/DC converter. It is important to make sure the welder has the right voltage and amperage.
  • Material compatibility: Cold welding machines must be able to weld materials like steel alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys and stainless steels. Check this feature to ensure your welder can handle these materials.
  • Cooling system: Some cold welders have built-in cooling systems to cool components faster between cycles. This is useful for long production runs for higher accuracy and less downtime.
  • Type of operation: Some cold welding machines are manual, and others may need automated or semi-automated processes for precision and repeatability on multiple jobs. Consider what type of operations you do when selecting a machine, so you get one that is suitable for your needs.

Welding thickness

Choosing a cold welding machine? Thickness is key! It affects weight and size of the materials you can weld. Most machines have a maximum material thickness they can weld. Some can do 0.5mm, while others manage 16mm steel tubes!

Consider the type of material you plan to weld. Some are better for aluminium, others for stainless steel. There are even welders designed for thin sheet metals and others for heavier applications like tubes.

Take your work environment into account too. Cold welder machines come in various sizes and portability options. Handheld units are more versatile, but stationary ones offer greater precision and power. Portable welders cost less, but stationary ones take up more space.

Welding speed

Welding speed is essential when picking a cold welding machine. Usually, these machines weld quickly – some can weld thousands of parts an hour! The faster the weld speed, the cheaper the part – so it’s important to check the speed for each machine.

Different machines have different features for weld speed. Some let you adjust the speed for certain tasks, and some offer more than one process for changing the speed. It’s vital to look at these features before buying a machine.

Power consumption

Power is vital when considering a cold welding machine. It’s essential to understand power needs for the job. Cold welding machines usually range between 10 and 20 Amp. If your motor draws 18A, go for a machine with at least 20A.

Factors like grain type and features such as temperature control and cooling fans must be taken into account. Choose a machine with enough power capacity that can manage your workload. Too little power or too much heat can lead to damage or deterioration.

Research models and specs before purchasing to make sure you’ve chosen the ideal cold welding machine.


Finding the perfect cold welding machine can be tricky. To pick the right one, identify your goals and figure out which features will help you reach them. Furthermore, do your research and compare models. Read customer reviews and think about ease of use, build quality, portability, safety features, and cost. With all this info, you should be able to make an informed choice.


Which company welding machine is best?

It depends on the specific needs and requirements of the user. Some popular brands for welding machines include Lincoln Electric, Miller, ESAB, and Fronius.

What is the price of cold spot welding machine in India?

The price of a cold spot welding machine in India can vary greatly depending on the brand, model, and specifications. It is recommended to check with local suppliers for a more accurate price.

Is TIG welding cold welding?

No, TIG welding is not considered cold welding. TIG welding is a type of arc welding that uses a tungsten electrode to produce the arc.

What materials can cold weld?

Cold welding is a solid-state welding process that is capable of welding a wide range of metals and alloys, including aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, and stainless steel.

Is cold welding easy?

The difficulty of cold welding depends on the materials being welded, the complexity of the weld joint, and the experience of the operator. In general, cold welding is considered to be easier than other welding methods as it does not require high temperatures or filler materials.

Is cold welding the same as MIG welding?

No, cold welding is a different process than MIG welding. MIG welding, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), uses a continuously fed wire as the filler material and an electric arc to melt the metal.

Which material is not suitable for cold welding?

Cast iron is typically not suitable for cold welding as it has a porous structure that can limit the bond strength.

Can stainless steel be cold welded?

Yes, stainless steel can be cold welded using the right equipment and techniques.

What are the three 3 types of welding machine?

The three main types of welding machines are Stick welding machines, TIG welding machines, and MIG welding machines.

Which is better an AC or DC welding machine?

The choice between AC and DC welding machines depends on the specific welding application and the type of metal being welded. AC is generally used for aluminum welding, while DC is preferred for steel and stainless steel.

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